Stuffed Pork Chops w/ Chili Coconut Garlic 
Green Beans (2-Serving Meal)

Need a little creature comfort today? Then this is the meal kit for you! Featuring local bone-in pork chops from Circle B Ranch and local green beans from Heart and Soul, this meal is stuffed with rich, hearty flavors that will give your soul all the nice, warm fuzzies it needs to face the rest of the day with a smile.

Ready In: 30 MINUTES

Calories Per Serving: 860 (nutrition facts)

Ingredients: butter balls, local spicy smoked mustard, chopped parsley, dried mustard, panko, shredded asiago cheese, local bone-in pork chops, organic extra virgin olive oil, roasted minced garlic, chili paste, unsweetened coconut, local green beans, hot honey packets


contains milk, wheat

Meal Pick Up: This meal kit is available for purchase at our Overland Park shop. If you pre-order online, you'll receive a notification when your meal is ready and can swing by during shop hours to pick up your meal from our cooler. We'll have it ready for you!

Category: 2-serving, Pork

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