Mix & Match Jerk Chicken w/ Cucumber Mango Salsa (2-Serving Meal)

This main dish is Whole30® friendly and a whole lot of good! Enjoy tender, juicy chicken breasts in our special jerk seasoning, topped with a bright, colorful cucumber mango relish. You’d be a jerk to not like this meal!

Ready In: 30 MINUTES

Calories Per Serving: 390 (nutrition facts)

Ingredients: jerk seasoning (unsalted), apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, local chicken breasts, chopped cucumber, chopped mango, chopped onion, champagne vinegar, blood orange olive oil



Meal Pick Up: This meal kit is available for purchase at our Overland Park shop. If you pre-order online, you'll receive a notification when your meal is ready and can swing by during shop hours to pick up your meal from our cooler. We'll have it ready for you!

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